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Membership Process

This is to certify that the Rocky Ridge Vol. Fire Co., Inc. has an open membership policy and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, handicap or national origin.

Any person who has arrived at the age of 16 and is of good moral character. They shall be eligible for membership after their application has been presented to the company together with the application fee of two dollars. Applications of all candidates must be endorsed by someone who is already a member of the company. The Membership Committee will thoroughly investigate the applicant, and present the application at a regular meeting to be tabled for thirty (30) days before any vote is taken or reject the application by returning it to the member proposing such application.

In the event the Membership Committee has rejected an applicant, the person proposing same may bring the application before the regular meeting and must state first that the application has been rejected by the said committee but that he wishes a vote of the regular meeting on this candidate. If a two thirds majority of the voting members present favor the applicant, he will be duly elected a member of the company.

Any person whose application for membership shall have been rejected by the Membership Committee, or by a vote of the company, may renew such application at the expiration of six months and not before.

New members shall receive a copy of the By-laws and the Standard Operating Procedures for fire and rescue.


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